Silk-Feel, Springtime Scarf – Subtle Leopard Print – Pink

  • Silk blended with viscose produces a creamy feel to the touch.
  • Light weight to the touch, extra soft.
  • Exceptional fabric blend produces a look of 100% silk without most of the flaws.
  • Springtime fashion includes scarves. This one is stylish, without being bulky. Because of the 80″ length, it can be wrapped multiple times without appearing bulky.
  • You will love the feel and the quality of this scarf, 100% guaranteed!


Wrap yourself in an elegant feel this Spring. This luxurious scarf is perfect for the springtime. It’s lightweight and has a subtle leopard print.

Yes, there are a few flaws in the material that you might notice, but that is the nature of real silk. This is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, bridesmaid gift or to have on hand for Spring evenings.

Also available in beige!